French Bulldogs General Care

French Bulldogs, like any other purebred dog, need some special care.


Always ensure your dog has fresh water daily. Water keeps the dogs body hydrated and promotes normal function of the body’s systems. Bulldogs can easily get dehydrated and die in hot weather so fresh clean water is essential.

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All dogs need some degree of exercise including French Bulldogs. People assume they are lazy and don’t require exercise at all, some are more active than others. However if you are looking for a jogging or cycling partner then the French Bulldog isn’t for you. Daily steady walks or the odd ball game will do just fine for the French Bulldog. 

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Your dog should be fed a well balanced food. We believe dry food is better as it is a complete meal and helps to keep teeth and gums healthy. French Bulldogs are an “intestinal” breed, and can be sensitive to common ingrediants in sub standard dry food. We advise that you feed a dry kibble with no corn, no wheat, no soy and no glutens. It is your responsibility as a dog owner to keep your dog as healthy as possible and we believe that the correct food is one of the most important ways of achieving this.

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French Bulldogs do not really need to be bathed that often. Unless really smelly or dirty bathing should only be required every 3-4 months. Brushing regularly, using dog wipes and a nice smelling dry bath spray in between wet baths should be sufficient. 

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The ears should be kept clean from dirt and ear mites which cause infection. A damp cotton ball with witch hazel or over the counter ear cleaner will do fine. If done at the same time as brushing a routine can be formed and nothing gets overlooked.

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Regular dental care is a crucial component to your animal’s health!

Even though pets don’t often get cavities, they are susceptible to periodontal or gum disease, which is the number one illness found in both dogs and cats. That’s why it’s so important that French Bulldog lovers include dental hygiene in their French Bulldogs health and wellness routine.

Gum inflammation and tooth loss can be very painful to your animals and costly to treat, but they also can lead to more serious conditions, including damage to the heart, lungs and kidneys. Estimates suggest that, by the time they are three years old, 80% of dogs and 70% of cats have oral disease.

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Coat Brushing

A five minute brush every day or every other day is all that is required. Use a rubber mitt which removes dead hair and stimulates the dogs natural oils to add shine and a healthy look to their coat.

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Wiping your French Bulldogs face and cleaning under the wrinkles with a clean damp cloth or baby wipe every day or every other day should be sufficient to keep their face and wrinkles clean and free from infection. If under the wrinkles starts to look red and sore, apply diaper rash ointment daily until the soreness has passed.Read More>

Tear Stains

If you are lucky enough to have a French Bulldog that doesn’t produce tear stains then you are one of few. If you do have a French Bulldog that produces tear stains then use a damp cotton ball using either clean water, with hazel or optrex eye solution to clean the tear stain area ensuring that you dry it thoroughly afterwards. Then apply Corn Starch or diaper rash cream to the area, this works just as well as the tear stain removers you would buy from the pet stores and less expensive.

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Your French Bulldogs nails should be kept short so they don’t split, bleed, or cause any pain and discomfort to the dog when walking. Walking your French Bulldog on concrete helps to keep the nails short but if needed they should be trimmed weekly or every two weeks depending on how quick they are growing. Always be sure not to cut them too short. It is much easier to cut a dog’s nails if they have light coloured nails as you can see the quick and know how far you can cut. The dark nails are harder to judge so it is better to trim a little at a time but if you are not sure or if you don’t want to risk it then it’s not a bad idea to get your vet or dog groomer to trim them for you.

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Cleaning under your Bulldogs tail is essential especially those with a tight tail. Use a clean damp cloth and make sure you get as far up and under the tail as possible. Dry thoroughly apply some diaper rash cream if needed. An infection in this area is not a good thing and could lead to the tail being amputated. Cleaning under the tail should be done every other day although some French Bulldogs will require it daily especially in hot weather.

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Once the initial set of puppy injections are out of the way (4 combination vaccinations, completed by the age of 16 wks) a yearly booster should be given, as these help to fight against possible life threatening diseases if your French Bulldog is ever in contact with them.

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Your French Bulldog will need to be wormed regularly to ensure they are as healthy as possible. Worm can lead to weight loss and weakness in adult dogs and could kill a puppy. Dogs over 6 months old should be wormed every 3 months throughout their lives.

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Your French Bulldog should be flead every 3 months especially through the summer months.

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Ensure the vet you choose to sign your French Bulldog to knows and likes French Bulldog. You must be satisfied that they would do all they possibly can without unnecessary treatment. If you find a vet that understands the French Bulldog and it’s possible health problems properly they will know when a symptom needs immediate treatment or when it needs more time.

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We highly recommend that you get your Bulldog micro chipped. There have been cases where French Bulldogs have been taken from their own gardens so making sure you have a secure garden and maybe a high fence with a lock on the gate will help deter anyone from attempting to take your French Bulldog.

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If the face, ears and tail are all cleaned at the same time you can get yourself into a pretty good routine and shouldn’t have any real problems. The rest is just common sense.

Note: This document is provided for information purposes only. Ambri-Pets Heaven does not guarantee the veracity of this information. Under no circumstances should this information replace the advice of your vet.